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I grew up in the National Parks, as in, I lived inside the Park service. Born in the California Redwoods, lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for many years and eventually moved to Bryce Canyon Utah as a teenager in my last year of school. After graduating high school I moved to St George.  I appreciate the beauty all around me. I love what St George has to offer for outdoor recreation and spectacular breath taking views! I have called this beautiful city home for 30 years now, although driving through any National Park makes me really feel like I'm home.

I know this area, I have seen it change and grow. I remember what it was like when we only had a few stoplights and you could shoot coyotes anywhere, any direction in Washington fields. I welcome the growth and the wonderful new people who have moved here!


I have been part of the entire home building process, from the ground up and I understand homes and what goes in them.  Let me help you find, build or sell yours today! You will not find anyone more devoted and hard working than I am!

Modern Living Room

I love working to find and sell homes for my clients!

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